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FAQ | Commercial Photographer Grande Prairie Alberta | Ramsay Winsor

How does a copyright release work?

In simple terms, the creator of the image holds the copyright. The product is then licensed to the purchaser or business. For example, you need the exterior of your office building photographed for use on your web site and in a brochure. We “release” the copyright for you to use the image as described for as long as you need it. We retain the right to use the image for internal promotion and advertising (like using it on our web site to show off your beautiful building). You are not free to sell or give the image to a third party,  e.g. the construction company that built the building. If they want the image for their own portfolio, they need to talk with us. We can negotiate or arrange for any need they may have. For the most part images of your business or products are really only valuable to you so copyright is seldom an issue.

What’s the difference between owning copyright and being given a licence?

Copyright is a term that relates to who owns the rights to distribute, publish, and sell photos (or other creations). Copyright is automatically given to the photographer when he/she takes a photo, as it is his/her original work. Photographers very rarely wish to give up their copyright, as it basically means other individuals decide what gets to be done with their photos.

Licensing is generally what professional photographers provide to their clients. Licensing can take many forms, and needs to be in a written contract; at its most basic, it allows a photographer to licence the rights to their work for specific uses. For example, if you purchase (licence) a high-resolution digital image for your business, the licensing may say you can have exclusive use of the image to use in any advertising or non-advertising use (in other words, no restrictions on use at all). However, you can’t sell the image to a third party. Rest assured whatever your needs are, we can tailor a licence for your particular usage requirements.

Why do I need a professional photographer? Can’t I just use my own camera?

A business owner can certainly use their own camera in the same way you can decide to repair your new car. Without the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them correctly, it may not provide the results you desire. We have specialized cameras, lenses and custom tools made just for Commercial Photography. Also, the creation of photographs is just the first step. For every hour of photography, there is at least two hours of editing, retouching and image enhancement with speciality computer programs. If you value your products and services why would you take the risk of eroding their value through weak images? Commercial photography is there to work alongside your existing sales and marketing activity, your corporate image guidelines and design principles. Adding to your brand value.

There are lots of photographers out there. Why hire Ramsay & Winsor Photography?

Typically when someone wants a photographer, they may search online want ads or maybe do an internet search. After all, there are hundreds of photographers out there that would be more than happy to come do the work, among their scheduling of weddings, family portraits and newborns. Our main focus is Commercial Photography, we have been working in this professional industry for the past 29 years. Keith holds his H2S and First Aid Certification. Our training, equipment and expertise are directed to make you more profitable. It’s like the difference between a general auto mechanic and a specialty shop that only does high-performance German automobiles. Our job is to make you or your business look the absolute best. Whether it’s through clever lighting or a creative use of a location, it all comes back to giving you something that adds value to what you already have.

What is your rate for commercial photography?

As with all professional commercial photography, pricing depends on what the assignment requires. Some jobs will involve more intensive tasks, like set construction and sophisticated photo manipulation, and therefore will require the input of several skilled members of our staff. Other jobs will only require a single photographer and simple post-production.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what sort of services you are looking for. We will be happy to provide a detailed estimate. Because we deal with both large and small businesses, we scale everything to the customers’ needs.

How do you charge? 

You pay for the creation of the images (hourly, half or full day); production (file extraction, post production) and supply (upload, web, USB or print) and expenses (stylists, props, couriers, specialist rental and travel). All rates are + GST. Post production covers the process of getting the images from the camera to your designer or art director’s desktop, according to your specification. Sometimes retouching and colour correction is required.

I would like an estimate, what do you need to know?

In order to give you the most accurate quote, the following information is helpful. If you don’t have the specifics at the initial time of contact, then we can supply an estimate based on our experience.

1) Business name

2) What is the date of the photo shoot, so that we can check our availability?

3) How many images are required (you don’t need an exact number, but an estimate would be useful)

4) Whether the photos need to be taken, on location, in a studio setting or other venue

5) The deadline for when the finished photos are required

6) How large and what format the files need to be

7) If you require models or any other extra people involved with the shoot and if you would like this to be arranged by us

8) What forms of media the photos will be used for (e.g. the Internet, press, brochures, packaging, billboards, etc.)

9) Where the photos will be distributed and for how long. e.g. the photos might only be distributed in Canada or they might be used across North America, in perpetuity or for a fixed amount of time

If you have any questions or need help deciding on any of these factors, please give us a call! We are here to make it easy and stress-free, and we’ll guide you through the process to ensure that we have sufficient information to quote and start any assignment.

I need employee photos, can you come to my premises?

We are happy to bring our studio equipment to you, ensuring that you will receive professional studio-quality images while also saving you time and therefore maintaining the productivity of your business.

Do you do advanced image manipulation and retouching?

We do all our image manipulation and retouching in-house. This allows us to keep our prices lower as we don’t need to outsource to image retouchers.

How long does it take to get our pictures?

This is dependent on the level of post-production required, and your deadline. Generally, images are supplied within five working days, but you will be advised at the time. At times we have been able to supply images as soon as 24 to 48 hours after a shoot!

What format do we get our images in?

This depends on your preferences! Most commercial clients prefer high-resolution digital files in either JPEG or TIF format sent via Dropbox. We can also provide access to pdf proof sheets, where you can select the images of your choice from the shoot. Alternatively, images can be supplied on a USB drive.

Do we receive a contract at the time of booking?

Yes, you will. Ramsay & Winsor is proud to support industry standard terms and conditions, which also ensure that your rights as a client are protected.


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