So you decide to hire a photographer to photograph your home. You are starting a home building business and this is the show home that is going to represent your business. You look through some web pages and some Facebook pages. You find a photographer who seems to photograph at the right time of day and their images have some drama and you figure “sure why not?” You get the photos back a week later, not bad! The sky is dramatic and the interior looks good from the outside. “I made a great choice!” But could you have made a better choice?



This photo represents what most photographers would deliver. The house looks good on the inside but the landscaping just seems to miss the mark. It is drab, dark and void of any real interest.




This is what we would create for you. We bathe your exterior features in light,  going that extra mile. The plants pop, the entrances to the house have a pretty warm glow and invite you in. The outdoor living spaces don’t fade away into the shadows, they are warm, seeming to call you in.

Good exterior home photos have contrast and dimension. Great exterior photographs show the details of the home. They make the property warm and inviting, making you want to live in that house. Enjoying the deck with your friends or lounging in the hot tub with your spouse.

Home building or perhaps home design is your new business, it’s how you plan to support your family and how you will reach your life’s goals. In a competitive marketplace, you need to take advantage of every advantage you can get!  Let me help you stand out from your competition.

You build dream homes, we can create the visual introduction that allows potential clients to imagine themselves living there.

Make your home look spectacular.

Whether you’re selling your home or creating memories, make it a picture you won’t forget.


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