How to photograph a Jar of honey

I recently had to do a 10 minute presentation at Members have to do a presentation aproxamately twice a year and sometimes you wonder what approach is the best use of your time.

This time I decided to do my presentation about a recent project. I discussed the original call from the client, the customers previous problems and the discussion that led to the direction for the photos.

The decision was made to get away from the product on a white background look and bring in some elements of the business. There was a discussion about the final images reflecting their place in the world, and the fact that a little rustic would be great.

This shoot required set construction and design, sourcing props and surfaces to shoot on as well as knowledge of color temperature. Color temperature is the difference between the warm light of sunset, the cool light of a “blue” led and the green cast of a flourecent light.

My presentation included samples of the previous photographers work, photos showing the construction of set and light modifiers as well as lighting design for the project.

Here are a couple of the finished products.